What can I do?

If you have a problem with your business or are just looking to improve what you do, Marsh Project Solutions can help you.

Laundry Analysis and Benchmarking

We can look at the whole of your business and highlight where you should focus to make what you do even better. Using our benchmarking approach, we can show you what you do well and what could be improved. Everything is done at a pace that suits you.

Problem Solving

Sometimes in business you know something is wrong, but you cannot put your finger on it. We can look at things differently and give you some insight into what the issues are. We have years of experience and find that many issues are common across businesses.

Process Improvement

Not all complicated problems need complicated solutions. Unpacking an issues can lead to simple fixes, easy to grasp and implement. A whole string of simple improvements can lead to a step change in performance and profitability of your business.

About Me

"I am an Economics and Statistics Graduate from the University of Surrey, but this is not only who I am.

I have worked in every Management level in industry, so my knowledge is practical and not esoteric.

I have a deep understanding of operations and process, allied with professional qualifications in Logistics. I can bring over 30 years of experience to the table and have a track record of success to give my clients confidence that their needs can be met".

Andy Marsh BSc(Hons) CMILT

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this is simple. We won't know until we have met and discussed your requirements. Once we understand what is needed we can provide sound, practical advice to help you move forward.

Marsh Project Solutions charge by the day, week, or project. Depending on the size and complexity of your needs, all charges are negotiated upfront and are fixed, giving you the confidence that once agreed the cost will not escalate.

Yes ! We have successfully delivered solutions to clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. We are available to help you wherever you are located. 

Of course you can. However it is sensible to have independent advice from time to time. It's easy to become too close to a problem. 

Marsh Project Solutions will need you to explain what you need, what your constraints are but most importantly the vision for your business. We take it from there. Our Benchmarking approach will show you quickly where you are and where you could be. Our simple and practical plans allow you to understand what is required and how to do it. We can of course take care of it all for you, project managing the solutions to your satisfaction.

We offer a cost effective one day consultation to come and see your business, giving us the chance to see what you are all about and you the opportunity to explain what you need. Why not contact us today?

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